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My Approach 

As a therapist, I feel the most genuine offering I can provide is a non judgmental, culturally mindful approach that connects with you as the client wherever you are in your individual journey. I believe in using the strengths that you already have to serve as the foundation of where we will go. I show up in every session with the intent of connecting from a place of authenticity, empathy, and mindfulness.

Therapy feels different for everyone, and there are numerous factors that influence how one may show up in the counseling relationship. Cultural factors, family history, and our own personal experiences can all inform how we show up in the therapist-client relationship. My counseling lens is rooted in the acknowledgement of these factors, with a deep appreciation for the individuality of everyone who I come in contact with. Most importantly, the pace that we move at is up to you as client, with my focus being to meet you where you are and support you from there. Everyone's journey is independent, and everyone's story is different. Let's move at the pace that works for you.  

Consulting Services 

Soulfull Insights offers consultation services to various organizations across multiple disciplines. Using an academically and professionally informed lens influenced by higher education, I offer culturally informed insight in a multitude of areas. 


Program & Curriculum Development-Facilitation 

To any collaborative partnership I bring a well rounded skill set and malleable mindset, able to adapt to the needs of the target population. I've created and facilitated content in the following areas

  • Addressing mental health stigmas in minority communities 

  • Masculinity within black manhood

  • Enhancing and cultivating sense of belonging for students/professionals of color 

  • Athletic Identity Exploration 

  • General mental health topics- Self care/stress-anxiety management

  • Leadership development

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